Trends and Stars at the 2015 Spring New York Fashion Week


Another huge trend was the pop of color. Many designers chose a white base or a pastel color base. Then they added a pop of color such as bright neon yellow or pink which, of course, is perfect for spring. Coming out of the gloomy winter, color is definitely a must-have. A lot of color blocking was displayed as well. Following the pop of color trend, many designers used a light color strip, then a bright color, followed by another light color. Yellow was seen as the pop of color trend this year.

In addition, transparency was another big trend at the 2015 Spring New York Fashion Week. For example, a designer used bright neon pink. Then, at the sleeves it was a transparent pink material, giving you a nice breeze during the spring. A lot of transparent strips were seen at the collar bone area as well. This gives the outfit a very unique feel.

Besides the new cool trends that were seen during the New York Fashion Week, we cannot forget about the different famous models that walked up and down the cat walk as well as celebrities that participated and went to the 2015 Spring New York Fashion Week. Some celebrities that attended this fashion week included the famous Paris Hilton, 2 Chainz, Miley Cyrus, Heidi Klum and Bella Thorne. Their outfits were all very unique and very fashionable, ranging from black leather to water color patterns to neon to neutrals.

The 2015 Spring New York Fashion Week was another huge success, and everyone is very excited to see these new trends during the spring!