The Reality of the Entertainment World


Personal Time

Many companies also don’t let you visit your family. They make you work day and night leaving you with little hours of sleep, and with huge amount of performance. Some companies don’t even ask you whether or not you would like to perform on that day, they just decide on their own. You are basically a package part of their company and you have to obey to all rules. It is quite sad when you come to think about it.


As we all know, celebrities can be said are people who have no privacy. You are constantly being watched either by the public or social media. You are always judged in the way you look, the things you do and the plans you make. You have to be able to deal with that huge amount of pressure and stress adding onto all the other demands from your agency.

Overall, the entertainment world is not as great as some may imagine. There are quite a bit of dark things that occur.