The Mockingjay Trailer Has Arrived


We first get an image of planes flying over Panam. These could either be planes taking the rebels to a battle, or the planes taking Katniss to District 13. In the background you hear Katniss talking about how she never wanted to be part of the Hunger Games. All she wanted was to protect Prim and Peeta. It appears she is speaking to President Snow who appears on a screen. He tells her: “It’s the things we love most that destroy us.”

AH! Feels! And it’s only 30 seconds into the trailer. This is going to be a bumpy ride.

It then cuts to Katniss going down into District 13 – our first really good look at it! There’s flashes of old friends and rebels and Katniss preparing for battle. It’s a bit reminicsent of previous trailers of her training for the Games. Only now they add battle scenes.

But then – BUT THEN!

Peeta is on the screen. He’s wearing the signature color of the Capitol- white and is telling the rebels to put down their weapons. All Katniss cares about is the fact he’s alive. We see and hear Haymitch telling her the Capitol is using him as their “weapon” the way the rebels are using her. However, Katniss still wants to save him – or else she won’t be the mockingjay. (More feels!) We also see an image of Katniss picking up a white rose President Snow has left for her. (Creepy!)

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Battles consume the screen and images of Katniss with Haymitch, Gale, and her family. Until it cuts to a scene where she takes down two planes with her arrow and then we hear the quiet mockingjay whistle all the way back from the first movie and see the mockingjay symbol. Only this time, instead of it being a bird with an arrow, it’s wings are spread wide as though it is a beacon of hope and ready for whatever is coming it’s way.

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Whew. All of that in only 1:47.

And we still have two months until the release of the movie.

Is anyone else grabbing their copies of the books and the first two movies to tie them over until then?