How Make Up Greatly Affects Appearance — Before and After


Fuller Lips

Full lips are one of the biggest trends in 2014 and will continue to be in 2015. Of course not everyone has full lips like Kylie Jenner. So how do people achieve bigger lips, and yes, the answer is makeup. The trick is to use a lip pencil and drawing outside of your lips so make them bigger. Then, you fill them in and there you go, you have your full lips. It is very easy and there are still people who wonder how people achieve such full lips.

Bigger Eyes

Using makeup to make your eyes bigger have being used for centuries. People do so by using eyeliner and eye shadow. By lining your upper lid, it definitely creates miracles for your eyes. It makes them look about twice as large. In addition, by adding a nude pencil line along your water line, it enlarges them ever more. In addition, by depending your crease, it even increases the size of your eyes further.