How Make Up Greatly Affects Appearance — Before and After


For celebrities, it is always a must that they look their best. That is a no brainer. All famous people have to dress nicely and look great whenever they walk out of their house because they are basically being seen by the whole entire world. And if they are not, social media will definitely criticize them. However, celebrities are human as well, just like anyone of us, but how do they always look so good and put together? Do they not get acne? Is their skin always that glowy? Well the answer to that is makeup. Make up creates wonders. You can almost do anything with make up from making your eyes bigger, jawline sharper, and fuller lips.

What make up does is that it creates an allusion for your eyes. You are not actually changing the actual bone structure or shape of your body. This allusion also includes allowing celebrities to have perfect flawless skin. Below are some normal imperfections that everyone gets and how big of a difference makeup can do.

Pimples and Acne

Here is a picture that shows how makeup can create such miracles even with such severe acne.

Using makeup to cover up acne is used by almost every celebrity out there in the world. Everyone get acne. It is completely normal. However, the downside to makeup is that it clogs your pores and sometimes if you are wearing it for long periods of time for weeks, you will make your acne even more severe.