Diet and Work Out Routine of Celebrities



For the diet portion, it is crucial that you remember to eat all three meals. Many people think that by skipping meals, you will get thinner. However, that is completely the opposite. Those who do not eat three meals actually get fatter. That is because you are eating more each meal. It is better to eat small portions more times than large portions few times so that your body can digest the food better and increase your metabolism. As you all know, it is important to eat vegetables and eat less meat. Vegetables increase your metabolism allowing you to be skinnier. In addition, avoid eating too much grain foods. One of the methods that celebrities use for their diet is the cup method. Take four Styrofoam cups and fill one up with vegetables, one with meat and diary, the other with grain, and the last one with half vegetables and fruit. That is what most celebrities use as their daily meal. However, that may be a little extreme for you so start off slow. Maybe that seven cups and slowly try cutting down. A small tip is to eat slower. By doing so, you are actually eating less because you are tricking your brain into thinking that you already have eaten so long and you don’t need to eat any more.

Work Out

For the second portion, is the exercise. Remember that 80% of your weight is determined by your diet and the other 20% is determined by exercise. So make sure you are eating healthily before you complain. For work out, it is almost up to you for what you want to do. If you want to focus on just one part of your body, search up a few exercises online. One of the most popular work outs that most celebrities use is Popilates and yoga. They don’t help you gain muscle and make you leaner.