Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French Wedding


Ashley Tisdale, the 29 year old High School Musical star has some huge news. On September 8, 2014, Ashley Tisdale got married to Christopher French. They got married at a beautiful secret wedding with friends and family. Ashley Tisdale had dated Christopher French dated for only eight months before Christopher proposed to Ashley. At a recent interview, Ashley Tisdale commented that the first time she met Christopher, she knew that he was the ‘one’ for her and he knew that as well.

On her wedding day, Ashley Tisdale was seen in a beautiful white wedding dress. Her long blondish brown hair was let down, slightly curled with an elegant white flower head piece and holding a bouquet of magnificent white and baby pink roses. The design and theme of the wedding was floral and angelic. Everything was in a white and pastel pink color with green leaves and vines. The atmosphere was very calm and elegant. Everyone there was happy and smiling and, overall, having a great time.

Ashley Tisdale’s High School Musical co-star, Vanessa Hudgens was also there, and she was one of the bridesmaids! A picture uploaded on Ashley Tisdale’s Instagram showed all the beautiful bridesmaids including Vanessa Hudgens holding elegant bouquets of roses. In an interview, Vanessa Hudgens said that she was extremely happy for her best friend and can’t believe that she is already getting married.

Ashley Tisdale received a lot of congratulatory messages from many other celebrities, stars and of course, her fans. Zac Efron, the male lead in High School Musical, wrote her a sweet congratulatory message on Twitter. You can tell they are still great friends after all these years.